Ghostbusters Ultimate Bundle Launching July 12

Ghostbusters Ultimate BundleThe Ghostbusters Ultimate Bundle has just been announced today. If you were planning on picking up the upcoming game or seeing the new movie, now you can do both.

In a surprise move, Activision and Sony Pictures have announced a unique package between the game and the film. For $64.99, the Ghostbusters Ultimate Bundle includes a copy of the game, the movie, and more. The full package available on July 12 includes:


  • The new standalone Ghostbusters video game.
  • DLC featuring four classic character suits and a bonus trap based on art from the original film.
  • A code for a digital copy of the new Ghostbusters movie to be delivered at a future date.
  • Two special dashboard themes, one based on the movie and another inspired by the game.

If you don’t want to purchase the Ghostbusters Ultimate Bundle, you are still able to get the featured DLC by preordering the game.

The Ghostbusters game is a third-person action role-playing game similar to the Diablo franchise. You can play either alone or with up to three additional friends through local co-op. The events of the game take place after the film with a whole new cast of rookie Ghostbusters. Each character plays differently and can be upgraded with new gear and abilities throughout the game. Ghostbusters releases on July 12 for $49.99.

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