Paladins Multiplayer FPS Game Announced By Smite Devs

Paladins gameIf you haven’t tried out Smite yet — especially the more accessible Xbox One version — you’re missing out on a truly fun multiplayer game. Today, Hi-Rez Studios, the developers behind Smitehave announced a brand new IP named Paladins, which is an objected-based team first-person shooter.

Paladins is currently in development for PC and current-gen consoles, and is set in a colorful sci-fi fantasy setting. It looks as though the upcoming multiplayer game unfolds as two teams fight over a king of the hill style of point capture objectives. In these 6v6 battles, there will be dynamic capture points that centralize gameplay, as well as the ability to lead a siege to your enemy’s base for the destroying.

Each champion in Paladins comes with two special abilities unique to their class, one of which is a more tactile/weaponry sort of talent, while the other focuses on movement abilities to help players cover large distances. There are currently six confirmed champions (although, we’d be surprised if Hi-Rez didn’t take a Smite route as far as characters are concerned), including Fernando, Barik, Ruckus & Bolt, Cassie, Pip and Wog.

Also notable is an interesting card-based buff system that allows players to build decks before their match, and then choose from three cards selected at random to use every time your champion levels up during the match. Hearthstone Team Fortress 2 confirmed. Actually, it looks a lot like Battleborn. Count us in. In fact, we’re already debating adding it to our list of the most anticipated games of 2016.

The Paladins release date is currently unknown, but Hi-Rez has it slated for a release at some point in 2016. There will be a Paladins beta at some point, and by the sounds of it, it’ll be some point soon. So, head over to the official site and register.

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