God of War PS4 Will Be Single-Player Only

god of war ps4God of War PS4 will be a single-player only experience. For most of us, that’s okay. For the few fans that played the multiplayer, we’re sorry. Maybe next time.

In an interview with LevelUp, director Cory Barlog confirmed that they are dropping the multiplayer mode in God of War PS4. This mode was added in 2013’s God of War: Ascension. Although the mode lacked any real depth, fans still found it to be a fun distraction.

Additionally, Barlog spoke about the future of God of War. While the trailer shows off Kratos’ son, this will not be Kratos’ last game. We will continue to control our hero throughout the game. On another note, his son won’t change the flow of combat. This means that we won’t have to run off to find him during brawls.

Barlog also confirmed that Kratos is fully aware of his past even in God of War PS4. However, his son knows nothing of his past excursions.

We are more than excited for all the changes coming to God of War PS4. Not only do we finally have a reason to care about Kratos, but other mechanics seemed to have grown up as well. We are still a ways off from release, but if you like what you see, we suggest pre-ordering it now.

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