July Games with Gold Have Been Revealed

july games with goldThe July Games with Gold have been decided! If you have Xbox Live, you should turn your console on to enjoy the sweet, sweet benefits.

Sadly, there is really only one big standout here. July Games with Gold includes The Banner Saga 2TumblestoneTom Clany’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, and Tron Evolution. The first two games are for Xbox One while the latter are for Xbox 360.

Unless you missed out on Rainbox Six, Xbox One users really only have The Banner Saga 2 to be excited about. This sequel to such a well-received game takes everything a step further. The fighting system is better, the characters are more diverse, and it just improves the game in every way. With it just releasing on PC in April, the game is still rather new too.

If you’re unaware of The Banner Saga, it’s a turn-based strategy- RPG similar to Fire Emblem. The initial draw here is the stunning 2D animation that rivals some of Disney’s earlier works. On top of that, you have tough choices that can shape your story along the way.

This game alone makes the July Games with Gold well worth your attention. If you haven’t already purchased the service, check below for a direct link. Additionally, we highly suggest you check out the beautiful soundtrack from the first game.

Get Xbox Live here.

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