Red Dead Redemption Coming to Xbox One

red dead redemptionRed Dead Redemption is one of those games that gives you a reason to hold onto your old consoles. Later this week, the game will be fully playable on Xbox One.

Revealed by Larry Hryb of Xbox through TwitterRed Dead Redemption is officially coming to Xbox One through backwards compatibility. Better yet, we’re getting it this Friday!

Red Dead Redemption is easily considered one of Rockstar’s greatest games. Some would even argue that it is their magnum opus. There really haven’t been many other games that have captured that feel of the wild west. If you somehow missed out on this game when it first game out, this is a great opportunity to return to it.

With all the recent rumors surrounding the possibility of Red Dead Redemption 2, does this add to the plausibility? This allows people who jumped into the Xbox One to experience the first game before the sequel’s announcement.

We still have to wait for an official announcement, so for now, we have to enjoy this trailer for Red Dead Redemption instead. We don’t know about you guys, but we’re already reaching for our discs now. It feel’s good to be a cowboy again.

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