Overwatch Skill Rating Adjustments and New Character

overwatch skill ratingOverwatch Skill Rating has received some great new adjustments. Now, leaving mid-match will not affect how Skill Rating is adjusted when the match ends.

The way that Overwatch Skill Rating works, the game calculates each team’s probability of winning at the start of each match. If your team is expected to win, you will gain less Skill Rating for a win and lose more Skill Rating for a loss. The opposite is true for teams that are expected to lose.

The way it was previously set up by Blizzard, the game would recalculate the probability if a player were to leave mid-match. Although this is more accurate, players didn’t think it felt great and that it encouraged trolling. Now, the game will maintain the original probability established at the start of the match.

While this is less accurate from a technical perspective, it should feel better for those who stick it out.

In addition to the adjustment to the Overwatch Skill Rating, there looks to be a new hero coming in a few weeks. During Comic-Con on July 21, there is a panel titled Behind the Scenes of Overwatch’s Newest HeroWe feel like that’s a pretty solid confirmation. With only 13 days until the panel, we will have to just speculate for now.

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