Overwatch Character Limit Coming to Competitive Mode

overwatch character limitAn Overwatch character limit is on its way to competitive mode. No longer will you see teams full of Soldier 76. Just one of each per team.

Overwatch Competitive Play has only been out a few weeks, but Blizzard is already quick to make adjustments. To prevent teams from being made up entirely of Bastions, Torbjorns, and more, and Overwatch character limit is being set to just one of each character per team.

According to an interview with GameSpot, principle designer Scott Mercer explained that players who want to stack their team full of one hero won’t be limited in Quick Play. Additionally, Mercer spoke out about the changes that were recently announced for Overwatch Season Two.

“We definitely want players to feel like if they had a tie, their time wasn’t completely wasted,” Mercer said. “So we’re trying to find the sweet spot of a lot of players feel like, ‘Oh, well, we got something out of it,’ but at the same time not create situations where players might collude and create some nasty situations there. We’re still discussing that.”

Mercer goes on to explain how a number of characters are being adjusted to create a more balanced game. Characters like Zenyatta feel a bit underpowered, so he will receive “a little more shields, and he goes a lot faster when he uses his Ultimate.”

In addition to the Overwatch character limit, a new hero named Ana was announced. You can find our impressions by following the link below.

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