Suicide Squad Villain Confirmed

suicide squad villainThe Suicide Squad villain has finally been confirmed! While we know the Joker and the Enchantress are involved, these aren’t the big baddies in the upcoming film.

According to, producers are calling the Suicide Squad villain The Adversary. Before you go back through your extensive DC Comics knowledge, we aren’t talking about the villain pictured below. Instead, this version appears to be more akin to a Cthulu type of monster.

suicide squad villain

“You will find out not only who the Adversary is but why they exist, who is part and parcel and who is behind them,” said producer Richard Suckle. “You definitely find that out in this movie for sure.”

Another producer, Andy Horwitz, added, “There’re multiple adversaries that the Squad has to contend with over the course of the movie of which the Joker is one of them.” Additionally, it was revealed that Enchantress’ magical abilities allow her to get close to the Adversary. They even hinted that she may become possessed or controlled by him in some fashion.

The smaller foot soldiers, the “Eyes of the Adversary,” make a big presence throughout the film as well. Their uniforms hint further at this Cthulu-like monster. They each have a patch that reads, “Escort to Darkness,” and shows a tentacle reaching out of the ground.

We’re a little weary of the film after the release of Batman v Superman. It wasn’t a bad movie, but it definitely wasn’t a good one. Hopefully, Warner Bros. hasn’t gone too much in the same direction with this movie. Maybe this movie will at least have a proper Suicide Squad villain.

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