Telltale Batman Series Release Date Confirmed

telltale batman series release dateThe Telltale Batman Series release date has finally been announced! Expect both a digital and physical release in the coming months. Dust off your cowls!

Earlier today, Warner Bros. and Telltale Games revealed that the upcoming Batman: A Telltale Game Series would premiere this August digitally. For a physical release, you will have to wait until September 13.

Keep in mind, this September 13 Telltale Batman Series release date doesn’t include the full game right away. The disc will include the first episode, with future episodes ready for download as they release.

We got to see the first 30 minutes of the game behind closed doors at E3 2016. The Batman segments contained some of the greatest action segments of any Telltale game. You’ll also get a chance to play as Bruce Wayne for much of the game. Here, you’ll find some of the toughest decisions of any series. It’s very political so do you say what will please who you’re talking to? Do you say what will please your friends? Do you say what you believe in? Or do you say what will help Gotham the most?

The intro to Batman: A Telltale Game Series already made us second guess the choices that were made and that really excites us. This is sure to be one of their best games yet and we highly suggest you jump in now.

The Telltale Batman Series release date is September 13 physically, sometime in August digitally.

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