Inside Studio Co-Founder Leaves Playded

inside studio co-founderInside studio co-founder Dino Patti has decided to leave Playdead Studios. He’s moving on to explore future ventures wherever they may be.

Announcing the news via his personal Twitter account, Patti will be leaving the company he founded almost ten years ago. After making two incredible games in the form of Limbo and Inside, he has decided to leave in order to “seek new challenges.”


As the Limbo and Inside studio co-founder, Patti helped make two of the most incredible indie games in the last decade. Limbo itself was a runaway hit on the Xbox 360. It was one of the earliest “big hits” from the indie scene. Since then, the game has influenced many other side-scrolling indie titles in both tone and appearance. More recently, Inside has received numerous perfect scores from a number of notable websites.

Both of these games are worth playing. Be careful though, as these games are best experienced spoiler-free, so we suggest not looking up any information unless you really need to!

We wish the best for Inside studio co-founder and we are sure that he will have the chance to do whatever he pleases.

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