Frictional Games Developing its First Non-Horror Game

frictional gamesFrictional Games is going outside their comfort zone by working on their first non-horror game. Finally we can play a game of theirs without an adult diaper.

The news comes out from an interview over on WOW 24/7. Speaking with creative director Thomas Grip, it was revealed that Frictional Games is currently working on two games. “One game is horror… the other is not,” he says. “We want to spread out on what Frictional does,” said Grip. “We don’t just want to be ‘the horror guys.'”

Currently, the themes of the new project haven’t been decided. For now Grip is thinking of taking “depressing facts about the world and making them into an experience.”

Later in the interview Grip mentions how he has been inspired by PlayDead’s Inside. He was particularly impressed with how the game tells “its story through play.” One of the complaints of Frictional Games’ latest, SOMA, was the lack of “game” compared to their previous work Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

We are big fans of the horror games Frictional Games has produced thus far. Amnesia is easily on of the scariest games in the past decade while SOMA offers a deeper story. We would love to see what other ideas the developer has. And for you horror fans, be happy that they are working on one of those games too.

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