WATCH: Blair Witch 2016 Trailer

Oh, Lionsgate, you sneaky, sneaky production company you!

What was originally known simply as The Woods was actually a Blair Witch movie in hiding, as Lionsgate unveiled at San Diego Comic Con last night.

The story will follow a group of college students who venture into the woods (doesn’t it always?) to find mysteries surrounding the disappearance of one of the character’s sisters. Of course, all signs are pointing to the legend of the Blair Witch, and then the group finds out that the legend is too real.

The original The Blair Witch Project was released in 1999, and it was an absolutely terrifying horror film that brought the found footage to an entirely new level. Of course, afterwards, we found out that it was all a ruse. Still, enjoyable initially.

Lionsgate debuted the new Blair Witch trailer at SDCC, which you can now watch right here (embedded above).

Blair Witch will release on September 16, 2016, and judging by Bloody Disgusting’s Brad Miska’s review, it’s going to “completely wreck you.”
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