No Man’s Sky Online Won’t Require Playstation Plus

no man's sky onlineNo Man’s Sky online won’t require Sony’s Playstation Plus subscription. This is a pleasure to hear since the game relies on its online experiences.

According to Game Informer, Sony released a statement that “PS Plus won’t be a requirement to play online, however you will need to be connected to the internet for your discoveries to register with the universal atlas.”

Because No Man’s Sky online is so interconnected in its universe, this makes sense. Even though you are sharing the universe with every other player, the chances of running into another player are extremely slim. There are 18 quintillion possible locations. Even though the world has multiplayer, your character will feel rather lonely.

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The only real interaction in No Man’s Sky is likely to be the mapping and naming of new locations. Sony has figured that this online mechanic feels enough like a single player experience to waive the requirement of PS Plus.

For those who were unaware, Playstation Plus is usually required in order to play online on the PS4No Man’s Sky online lives or dies depending on how many people can populate the world. Without the need for PS Plus, we think the game will have the following it deserves.

No Man’s Sky releases in just a few weeks on August 9. Get ready to get lost!

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