Nightwing in ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’? Take My Money Now!

Warner Bros dropped a badass new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer this morning, showing new gameplay and some key characters from the Batman world.

The trailer shows Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman whom are all playable in Arkham Knight with the “Dual Play” feature, allowing players to seamlessly switch between The Dark Knight and his allies in FreeFlow Combat (think how you could switch between Franklin, Trevor and Michael in Grand Theft Auto V). In Arkham Knight, players will also be able to perform tag-team maneuvers with the different characters. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like you’ll be able to do this during the story, but only in the Dual Play mode. Still, it sounds pretty great to play as Nightwing for the first time in the series (but is it Jason Todd or Dick Grayson…my money is on Grayson).

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The new Arkham Knight gameplay trailer also showcases some of Gotham’s villains, including Two-Face and an interestingly-designed Scarecrow. We’re curious to see what these villains have in store for Gotham’s Caped Crusader, especially since the game has received the first M rating, making it the first Mature-rated Batman product.

Batman: Arkham Knight release date is set for June 23, 2015 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, which gives us less than a month to finish The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt before jumping in. Bummer.
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