Lady Layton Revealed in Japan by Level-5

lady layton revealedLady Layton revealed herself today from Level-5! This time, the game will be releasing on more than just the Nintendo 3DS. The game will be coming to iOS and Android too.

The game will star Professor Layton’s daughter and will stand as a direct follow-up to the core series. This includes the familiar mix of story and puzzle gameplay.

The biggest change in Lady Layton is the lack of the previous puzzle master, Akira Tago. Sadly, he passed away in March at the age of 90. His charming puzzles made the Layton series what it is. Starting with Lady Layton the series has a new puzzle designer in the form of Kuniaki Iwanami. While the puzzles may feel slightly different, we hope for the best from the new designer.

Currently, the game has only been revealed for Japan. There is no word yet whether it will be coming west.

Hopefully, we will get a chance to play Lady Layton. With the game no longer being a Nintendo exclusive, it will be interesting to see how the game sells. Additionally, we have yet to hear much from the mobile spin-off called Layton 7. Is this the same game or is there still something more we have yet to see?

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