Livelock Delayed Indefinitely

Perfect World has hit us with some unfortunate news, as its first console game, Livelock, has been delayed on all platforms.

Livelock, the top-down co-op shooter set in a sci-fi world of robots, was originally scheduled for release on August 2nd for Xbox One and PC, with a PS4 version coming later on. Now, it looks like all versions are coming later on.

Perfect World did not note a new Livelock release date in the press release, but they simply noted that they wanted to “ensure the best possible gameplay experience for players across all platforms.”

Oddly enough, the release also notes that those who already had their review copies (yes, that includes us) are still able to and encouraged to stream the game as it is. It’s an odd decision, as it might not be a good idea for outlets to stream gameplay that might not end up being what Livelock turns out to be in the future. The decision to delay Livelock as it was rounding third base and heading home is an odd one too, but we’re hoping that more time might give it some more mechanics (loot drops that actually have stat bonuses a la Diablo 3 would be a fantastic upgrade for the game).

We’ll keep our readers posted once we receive more info on the Livelock delay, so keep it locked to our gaming news section for more.
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