Darkest Dungeon PS4 Release Date Revealed

darkest dungeon ps4 release dateIf you’ve been waiting to dive deep into dark dungeons on your PS4, prepare yourself for a bit of good news: Darkest Dungeon will soon be available.

The Darkest Dungeon PS4 release date has finally been revealed after much delay, as we now know that the game will arrive on both the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on September 27, 2016.

Darkest Dungeon, one of our most anticipated upcoming indie games of 2016, is currently available on PC via Steam, holding a ‘Very Positive’ rating from over 15,500 reviewers. The game is a tough as nails gothic roguelike RPG with turn-based combat and a focus on dungeon crawling. The game also received high review ratings from some of the biggest gaming sites on the web, including Game Informer’s 9.25 and IGN’s 9.1.

According to IGN, the PlayStation version of the game will add a plethora of new content, and it will have 15 total heroes to play as well as an expanded campaign. Like its current PC version, it will run you $25. Luckily, it will also have cross-buy and cross-save support so that you can take your progress with you on the go.

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