Report: Mario NX and Pokémon NX Games Coming Close to Release

Mario NXRemember when the Wii U launched and there wasn’t much to play? Well, Nintendo apparently wants to ensure that the NX doesn’t release without many games to play.

According to a report by MCV, Nintendo will release its first Mario NX game near the release of the console and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. What’s more, MCV is reporting that a source close to the situation stated that Pokémon developer Game Freak will also release a new game for Nintendo’s upcoming console in the form of a Pokémon NX game.

The site’s same sources have confirmed Eurogamer’s NX report from a couple of weeks ago, which noted that the NX will be a portable handheld with a breakaway controller that can also be plugged into a TV, calling the report ‘100 percent accurate’. The Nintendo NX’s power will provide game graphics set somewhere between a PS3 and PS4.

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“It won’t appeal to PS4 fans. Nintendo seems set on trying to upgrade smartphone gamers,” said one exec who has had hands on time with the NX.

Of course, a Mario NX launch game makes total sense, as the franchise is a system seller. And with Breath of the Wild already announced and on the way, it’s clear that Nintendo is actually looking to sell consoles this time around. Admittedly, I do find that a new Pokémon game releasing so soon after Pokémon Sun and Moon to be a bit odd, but there are no complaints here.

The Nintendo NX release date has been set for some time in March 2017, and until we hear anything official from Nintendo, the alleged console/handheld hybrid is still shrouded in mystery. So, let’s not be so negative about the Nintendo NX, for now.

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