Will Quake Champions be Free-to-Play? iD Software Still ‘Doesn’t Know’

Quake Champions free-to-playWe’ve been looking for an answer to the question, “Will Quake Champions be free-to-play?”, and it looks like we don’t know the answer yet because, well, iD Software doesn’t know the answer yet.

In an interview with PC Gamer at this week’s QuakeCon 2016, iD Software’s creative director Tim Willits says that the developer still doesn’t know whether or not they want to make Quake Champions free-to-play.

““I can definitely say that is a really hard problem,” said Willits when asked about QC being F2P. “And, so for us, we’re trying to figure out exactly what people want more of, and how they perceive it. And I’m not even trying to be cagey! It’s not like we know and just aren’t trying to tell anybody, we don’t know and we’re still trying to figure this out.”

Meanwhile, the developer did actually give us some new details for the highly anticipated game, including the first Quake Champions gameplay trailer and news that it would get a beta at some point in 2017. All signs are pointing to the Quake Live successor being an Overwatch-esque arena shooter with ‘champions’ that have their own abilities, and it’s an interesting concept that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

iD Software also gave their reasoning for keeping the game on PC only and not bringing it to consoles, noting that they “want to keep the scope tight”.

Hopefully, we’ll see Quake Champions hit retails around holiday 2017, but that’s just speculation at this point — for now, only the beta is confirmed for 2017.

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