WATCH: Bad Santa 2 Trailer – Green Band

A new Bad Santa 2 trailer has been unveiled! Everyone’s favorite Santa will be making his return to the big screen in just a few months.

Billy Bob Thornton returns as Willie Soke. He’s a manfull of greed and hatred who teams up with his angry sidekick, Marcus (Tony Cox), to rob a big Chicago charity on Christmas Eve. Joining them this time is “the kid.” He’s a chubby and chearful boy named Thurman Merman. He’s technically 21, but he’s more of a large boy than a young man.

Also joining the cast is Willie’s mother, Sunny Soke (Kathy Bates). Known as a true “horror story,” she ups the ante on the heist.

Directing Bad Santa 2 is Mark Waters with a screenplay written by Johnny Rosenthal and Shauna Cross.

As you can tell from the Bad Santa 2 trailer, this is a movie to watch if you’re tired of the same old Christmas movie again and again. Instead, you can watch a dirty, nasty, anti-hero on America’s happiest holiday.

Check it out when Santa comes to town on November 23. Until then, you can enjoy the newest Bad Santa 2 trailer. And you thought you wanted to stay off the Good Santa naughty list.

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