Windows 10 Game Preview Coming, Everspace to be First

windows 10 game previewWindows 10 Game Preview is on its way! Later this year, the popular program available already for Xbox One owners will finally make its way to PC.

The announcement was made earlier today at Xbox Wire. According to Director of [email protected] Chris Charla, Everspace will be the introduction title to the service. Players will be able to buy the game prior to release and preview it as a work-in-progress.

Through Windows 10 Game Preview, gamers will be able to play-test upcoming games and provide necessary feedback for the developers. This is all to “help developers make Windows 10 games the best they can be.”

Microsoft is working hard to greatly improve the gaming experience on both Xbox One and PC. This new program is just one more way for them to do that. Currently, We Happy Few is one of those titles that Xbox One owners can try out right now. There has already been a lot of feedback and this can now be used to help shape the final product.

We are happy to hear that PC players will now be able to continue previewing games with Windows 10 Game Preview. As long as we continue to see high quality games stem from this, it will remain a positive experience.

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