World of Warcraft Legion: Patch 7.1 Will Add 5-Man Karazhan Dungeon

It looks like Blizzard is on their grind.

During a Gamescom stream, Blizzard announced that shortly after World of Warcraft: Legion releases on August 30th, the developer will release Patch 7.1 which will be a substantial content update. What all is Blizzard adding with Patch 7.1?

First, and most excitingly, Blizzard revealed a new dungeon based on the popular Burning Crusade 10-man raid Karazhan, with the new content being dubbed “Return to Karazhan”. The content will be a five-man dungeon that will be one of the largest dungeons in the game, having nine bosses in total. Players will still be able to access the level 70 version of Karazhan for farming. Outdoor content will also be added with content that will move the Nightfallen story forward with Suramar.

Although we don’t have any complete patch notes for 7.1, it certainly sounds like a substantial update.

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The trailer above (via MMO-Champion) points to the return of Medivh, the last Guardian of Tirisfal who opened the Dark Portal, allowing the Burning Legion to enter Azeroth. He was also one of the main characters in the Warcraft movie earlier this year.

Blizzard interestingly mentioned during the stream that Patch 7.1 would be sent to the test realm shortly after Legion‘s release on the 30th, showing that they’re committed to adding new World of Warcraft content in a timely manner this time around. Each raid tier in Legion will last four to five months, and Blizzard promises that there won’t be a shortage of new content this time (as was the case for Warlords of Draenor and Mists of Pandaria).

We also recently learned that the new weapon artifacts system isn’t going to be a permanent change, and it will be treated more like Legion‘s special feature, similar to Draenor‘s garrisons.

For now, we’ve jumped back into WoW to learn everything we can about demon hunters and the new systems before Legion drops in a couple of weeks, and given the substantial changes that have already been made to the game over the past few months, we highly suggest you do the same. We’ll be streaming some gameplay soon, so stay tuned to our Twitter for stream announcements.

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