Pokemon Go Cheaters will be Terminated by Niantic

pokemon go cheatersPokemon Go cheaters beware! Developer Niantic has started “taking action” against those who take “unfair advantage of and abusing Pokemon Go.”

From this point on, Pokemon Go cheaters will have their accounts terminated for good. The news comes from Niantic itself. Niantic will send you can email regarding the termination if their system determines a player has used one of the known methods.

“Our main priority with Pokemon Go is to provide a fair, fun, and legitimate game experience for all players,” Niantic said.

If you’re a Pokemon Go cheater and you use desktop emulators, automated bots, or trackers, you better watch out. If for some chance your account has been incorrectly terminated, players have the option to send an appeal to the Pokemon Go help center.

Previously, there have been other measures to ensure the Pokemon game was being played fairly. There were reports that players had somehow caught some of the legendary birds. Since they weren’t actually released yet, Niantic took measures by removing the birds from those players’ games.

This harsher trend to prevent cheaters has been very popular lately. Blizzard has taken a similar stand with Overwatch. We really hope this trend continues so that multiplayer games can remain fair for everyone.

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