Nintendo NX Launch Window Confirmed by Dragon Quest XI

nintendo nx launch windowThe Nintendo NX launch window has been outed thanks to Dragon Quest XI’s release date. We now have a better idea of when the new console arrives.

This announcement comes from series creator Yuji Horii in an interview with Nintendo Dream (via Gematsu). First,we learn that Dragon Quest XI has once again been confirmed for Nintendo’s upcoming console. However, what’s more important is the confirmation that the four versions of the game (PS4, NX, and 3D and 2D version for 3DS) will be released simultaneously.

“Spoilers will emerge if we release one version earlier,” explains Horii. With a Japanese release date set for May 27, 2017, this gives an idea of the Nintendo NX launch window.

Previously, the NX had a rumored release of March 2017. This still fits within this lunch window established by Dragon Quest XI.

Square Enix also confirmed that Dragon Quest X, the MMO entry of this JRPG series, will be releasing on the Nintendo NX. These two games mark the fourth and fifth games to be confirmed on the upcoming console. No details have been released thus far, but rumors suggest that the console will be a powerful handheld with detachable controllers and a TV docking station.

With the Nintendo NX launch window fast approaching, we hope to hear something soon.

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