Konami Waves Goodbye To Majority of AAA Production

Reports have surfaced this morning regarding Konami that have stated that the company is significantly winding down development of all AAA games, excluding Pro Evolution Soccer.

The news was originally reported by French video game site Gameblog, and then verified by Eurogamer. According to the reports, worldwide technology director Julien Merceron left the company due to being unhappy with Konami’s transition away from the console market towards mobile games.

There were murmurs and speculation back in May following a published article in which CEO Hideki Hayakawa noted that mobile is the platform that is “always closest to us… mobile is where the future of gaming lies.” However, Konami squashed the rumors by reporting that they would “continue to embrance the challenge of creating entertainment content via different platforms…for home consoles.”

According to the Eurogamer report, Konami has no plans for a big new Metal Gear game.

If the report is true, could it mean Konami plans to license their big IPs to new publishers? The many Konami games includes, of course, Metal GearContraCastlevaniaSilent HillDance Dance Revolution, and Bomberman. So, it’ll be interesting to see if we get direct confirmation from the company itself, and hopefully they’ll inform us all about what they intend to do with their franchises.

Our Take:

Metal Gear Mobile coming to a smartphone near you.

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