Battlefield 1 DLC and Premium Pass Explained

Battlefield 1 DLC will finally bring the French and Russian Empire into the mix. Now you’ll be able to really fight like its WWI.

Details of the Battlefield 1 DLC have been released, and we now know that there will be four upcoming digital expansion packs. In March 2017, the game’s They Shall Not Pass expansion will bring the French into the fight. Additionally, another upcoming expansion will add the Russian Empire as well.

The Premium Pass will set you back $49.99 and will include a number of additional incentives. With it, you gain access to new Operations, game modes, Elite classes, and vehicles. You also will get 16 multiplayer maps, 20 weapons, 14 dog tags, and 14 Battlepacks. If you don’t want to purchase the full pass, they will also become available on a monthly basis starting in November. There is definitely more incentive to opting for the pass though, as purchasing the Premium Pass also grants you two weeks of early access to the multiplayer maps.

As far as what the Operation game mode is concerned, it introduces an entirely new way to play multiplayer, placing you in a series of interconnected battles set across various fronts. The battles will have consequences that stretch beyond a single match, and your goal is to push back your attackers to conquer the territory.

If you are still unsure about this Battlefield 1 DLC, you can always check out the Beta when it begins on August 31. Here you will able to check the game out for yourself on your PS4, PC, or Xbox One. With only two months until its release on October 21, this will most likely be your last opportunity to check the game out before release.

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