Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice Demo Impressions

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice demoSee you in court! Today, the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice demo dropped on the Nintendo e-Shop, and we couldn’t be more excited. This free download shows several aspects of the courtroom/trial gameplay of the next title in the Ace Attorney series.  Whether you are a veteran fan or a newcomer to the series, this demo acts as both a tutorial and how the game will be set up (minus investigations). Below is our initial impressions of the 3DS demo:

  • The game starts out with a cutscene featuring the Kingdom of Kurain. Fans of the older games will recognize this name from the Fey Clan, which is super exciting.
  • There seems to be an incident that occurs in the Kingdom that happens later in the game. This reminds me of Dual Destinies which foreshadowed the “dark age of law” storyline in the previous title. Perhaps this extends into the Kingdom of Kurain, or another threat may appear.
  • The murder of a security guard is shown as well as the murderer. Since it is a tutorial case, this is expected.
  • Phoenix is defending his tour guide in Kurain. Poor Phoenix. Everyone around him is always accused of murder, no matter what game it is.
  • The residents of this country are really against lawyers, even Phoenix’s own client. Could this be related to the incident?
  • The control scheme, court record, and cross-examination are all very similar to Dual Destinies. For new players, there are plenty of instructions even if you never picked up an Ace Attorney game before, which is really good for those who are looking to get into the series.
  • Nothing is as satisfying as finding contradictions in the witness testimonies, even if it’s your own client doing the lying.
  • Rayfa, a priestess, appears and engages in a seance that reveals the victim’s final memories. Her “Dance of Devotion” shows an animated cutscene of song and dance in the middle of the courtroom, which is really cool to see, especially since Phoenix Wright games rarely have any fully animated courtroom scenes other than the sprites.
  • The entire concept of the seance is extremely awesome. The victim’s final thoughts and the last image they see before they have passed are shown in a clear pool of water in the middle of the courtroom. Words are also shown around the pool. The player is reminded that this depicts the victim’s five sense in their last moments of life.
  • Insight, the new feature of Spirit of Justice, allows players to pick a statement Rayfa uses to explain the victim’s thoughts/feelings and point out a contraction in the senses to find the contradiction. It’s pretty simple to navigate, but it really makes you think by looking at the court record and seeing which sense poses a problem in Rayfa’s statement.
  • The second contradiction was a little tricky to find since the player has to pause at certain points.
  • “I’ll get Ahlbi aquited of his crimes….in the main game!” This was seriously a perfect way to end the demo.
  • A trailer was shown after completing part of the first trial of what’s to come, including the new prosecutor, Maya Fey, Apollo/Athena’s adventures, and more.

Overall, the demo did an awesome job of jumping into the game’s main mechanics and first case. I’m really glad it showed the player the new trial features. However, many said that Dual Destinies was very easy, I believe that this game will be more of a challenge in a good way. If you are interested in checking it out, download the free demo on the Nintendo e-Shop today.

There was also an eight-minute animated and English dubbed prologue released that showed the beginning of the game. Not only did this show why Phoenix was heading to Kurain, it also set up the story for Apollo and Athena’s return. We cannot wait to see Maya and Phoenix finally reunited again! The prologue was fantastic and a treat for fans.  You can watch the awesome prologue here:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice will release September 8th on the eShop as a digital title. Get your Nintendo eShop cards and “your chords of steel” ready, because Phoenix’s new adventure is about to start.

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