PS4 Slim Doesn’t Support 4K or HDR

The PS4 Slim has yet to be confirmed by Sony, but that doesn’t stop people from reviewing and unboxing the new console. Don’t look for big upgrades though.

In a recent video, reporter Laura Kate Dale unboxed the new PS4 Slim with a quick review of the new features. With a full look at the console from box to boot-up, there is no mistaking the console’s authenticity.

In her report, she states that the console doesn’t brand itself as a slim model. Quite simply, it looks to be a replacement of the current PS4 model. The controller also looks to have made some changes for the better. With the new controller, you can see the lightbar through the touchpad. With some games changing the lightbar to reflect the gameplay, this is a smart change. The original lightbar was impossible to see without turning the controller around.

“It has a slightly improved controller, but the box itself doesn’t run any better,” Dale reports. “Don’t expect Xbox One S-style HDR and 4K Blu-ray support. This is still a basic PS4 model with no internal upgrades over the previous iteration and is not the upcoming PS4 Neo. It does not make games run better, or upscale them to 4K.” Without any direct competition, the Xbox One S will remain the cheapest 4K Blu-Ray player on the market.

Most of the changes to the console are aesthetic choices that also make it cheaper to manufacture. “The USB ports on the system are now spread apart on the front of the system, with the power and eject buttons now clearly labeled and sitting inside the dipped recess at the front of the unit,” Dale writes. “The power button features a line of tiny LED lights which replace the functionality of the old model’s light strip.”

We are already starting to change out minds about the new PS4 Slim. This video definitely makes the design look better than those crappy cellphone pictures we witnessed last week.

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