Borderlands 3 and More Possibly Revealed Later this Week

Borderlands 3Duke Nukem, and more may get revealed this week during Gearbox’s panel at hPAX West 2016. Are you ready to dive back in?

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford teased the news today on his personal twitter account. In his tweet he says, “Want the latest on Borderland, Duke Nukem, Homeworld & Battleborn? Me and the gang are live Friday at the Gearbox Main Theater show at PAX!”

The tweet is missing an “s” on Borderlands, but this is most likely just a typo Pitchford made. There was only room for one more letter, so he may have cut corners to make the tweet fit. However, if you would like to view this as a hint at the new title, don’t let us hold your hype back!

Back during PAX East, Pitchford has said there would “obviously” be another entry in the Borderlands series. Interesting enough, he also stated that he isn’t sure whether or not the development team will even call it Borderlands 3.

Meanwhile, last week, Duke Nukem teased its return in celebration of its 20th anniversary. While many have speculated a remake of Duke Nukem 3D, nothing has been confirmed. We just hope that it fairs much better than the last entry in the series.

We will have to wait just two more days before we know more about Borderlands 3 and the rest of the teased titles. Hopefully, we witness greatness that day.

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