Pokémon Sun and Moon: New Ultra Beasts, Pokemon Snap Featured Revealed

The floodgates have opened, and now that Pokémon Sun and Moon are just around the corner, we’re getting a slew of information about the highly anticipated upcoming games. Today, a new Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer released into the wild, bringing along with it some new and exciting information from developer Game Freak.

First, and perhaps most exciting, is the inclusion of what’s called the Poke Finder, a new mode that draws some serious similarities to Pokémon Snap, allowing players to take pictures of Pokémon in the wild in various locations around Alola. What’s more, players will be able to have their snaps rated, and the higher the rating that a photo gets means the more features are unlocked for the Poke Finder, including the ability to zoom in.

Secondly, the new trailer mentions that the two games are actually set 12 hours apart, with Pokémon Sun being tied to your Nintendo 3DS’s internal clock, and Moon being set 12 hours into the future.

There was also a new Pokémon type introduced this morning that is being called Null, which is described as a synthetically-created Franstein’s monster, as well as Jangmo-o, the newly introduced dragon-type. According to the official site, “The shapes of its front and hind legs are clearly different. The reason is that Type: Null was constructed to synthesize the strengths of various Pokémon, enabling it to adapt to any situation. The mask fitted to Type: Null’s head is a piece of equipment designed to control its latent powers. It’s extremely heavy, so it also serves to hinder Type: Null’s agility.”

The trailer also revealed a brand new form for Pokémon: Ultra Beasts. The trailer showcases UB-01, a jellyfish-like creature.

This is just the latest Pokémon news to hit, with a slew of news coming over the past couple of weeks. With Pokémon Sun and Moon set to release on November 18 for the Nintendo 3DS, we fully expect at least another couple of trailers/news blasts over the next month.

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