Indie Game Overload – The Fish Tank (Ep. 35)

So many indie game impressions, so little time! After going to PAX West 2016 last weekend, we reveal our impressions of ten different, incredible games.

All too often, we get sucked into the development process of the biggest AAA games. Events like PAX are often a great chance to focus on the growing indie scene. We got hands on time with plenty of games that weekend, but we had to limit our discussion to just ten indie game impressions. Of course, this would still take much too long, so we limited ourselves to just 30 seconds on each title.

With just a little taste of these great games, we hope this sparks your interest to dive much deeper. So this week, we hope you take the time to sit down with your morning cup of coffee, forget about the big games like Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty, and open your mind to the little guys. With an indie game, you can finally find something new and unique. This is where true innovations are made in the gaming industry.

How many of these titles do you recognize? Are any of these titles going on your radar? Let us know what you think about the little guys!

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