TGS 2016: All of the Playstation Press Conference Announcements

The Playstation Press Conference in Japan kicked off Tokyo Game Show last night. While the event as a whole was rather lackluster, the above intro was incredible.

After the opening video, what followed was a lot of small reveals beneath a blanket of old information. Sony decided to begin their conference by reiterating what was announced just last week. Luckily, they didn’t spend more than a few minutes on it.

Moving on from there, Square Enix revealed a Final Fantasy 15 special edition PS4. If you thought the redesigned, slimmer console was too ugly, we suggest you take a look at this beauty. With a glassy and matte print of the moon, this PS4 really looks like the sexy, premiere console we want it to resemble. While we don’t know if this will come to other territories, the special edition PS4 will release alongside Final Fantasy 15 on November 29, 2016 for 39,980 Yen (approximately $390 USD).

playstation press conference in japan

Following the console reveal, we learned of some Playstation Vita news. SaGa Scarlet Grace was announced for the handheld and looks to be another beautiful, cell-shaded JRPG. The game is scheduled to release on December 15, 2016. Also coming are two new color variations in Japan. Silver and Metallic Red variations will be hitting the markets on December 1.

Square Enix really had a lot to announce this year. In collaboration with Platinum Games, the upcoming game Nier: Automata has a release date in Japan of February 23, 2017. Also quickly announced was the release date of Danganronpa V3 for the PS Vita. The game is set to release January 2017.

Fans of Earth Defense Force should be happy to know that the fifth entry in the series was announced. The gameplay is pretty much what we expect from a series about fighting giant insects with big guns. What did change things up a little was the reveal of a massive frog creature.

Next up, Koei Tecmo came out to reveal some news about their upcoming games. The long-awaited Nioh was given a worldwide release date of February 9, 2017. After a decade of development, we are finally almost there. Additionally, we learned about Musou Stars, a cross-over title between Ninja GaidenToukiden, and Atelier. This game from Koei Tecmo will come to both PS4 and PS Vita and will feature similar gameplay to the Dynasty Warriors series.

Summer Lesson soon followed with a Playstation VR reveal trailer. Now you can really feel like you live with a young Japanese girl for seven days. As the trailer describes, it will simulate “human interaction,” but we aren’t really sure what else. This is the type of game you only witness in the PlayStation Press Conference in Japan.

Continuing with Playstation VR, a number of new projects were shown off. These were less than a game and more of an experience. For instance, you can enjoy L’Arc-en-Ciel’s 360-degree music video inspired by the Resident Evil franchise.  What really intrigued us though was Anywhere VR where you can enter a relaxing scenery. This sounds dull at first, but the true innovation here lies in the ability to bring up your phone’s screen within the VR world. This could open up big opportunities for other games in the future and we’re legitimately surprised we are only seeing this functionality now. We’ll have to see how it actually works later though.

If you missed out on your Playstation VR pre-order like we did, then join us in celebrating a new round of pre-orders coming out September 24. Right now, this is strictly Japan only, but we are crossing our fingers that the extra shipments come our way too.

Probably the biggest reveals during the PlayStation Press Conference in Japan occurred when Hideo Kojima got on stage to talk about Death Stranding. While we were left with way more questions than answers, we do know that it is an open-world action game. His aim is also to provide a way for players to play competitively and cooperatively. What confused us most though was Kojima’s talk of sticks to use in combat and ropes to tether connected players. We’re not really sure what is going on anymore.

To end the PlayStation Press Conference in Japan, Sony decided to focus on the various sales that will be going on in the PlayStation Store this week in Japan. We’ll have to wait to see what our version of the sales looks like, but based on what was shown, it’s not bad. Additionally, in celebration of Gravity Rush 2, the first game in the series will be available for free for Playstation Plus members in Japan. We really hope that makes its way stateside.

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