Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS XL Announced, Coming Soon

pokemon sun and moon 3dsThis Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS XL has us opening our wallets and throwing money at Nintendo. Is that a bit much? Don’t lie, you have your wallet out too.

In preparation for the upcoming release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, Nintendo has revealed a new special edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL. While the game doesn’t release until November 18, the console gives you a three week head start, coming out October 28 for $199.99.

pokemon sun and moon 3ds

Sadly, the games will be sold separately from the Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS XL, but that has become fairly commonplace these days. When you are ready to dive into the games, you can grab a friend and cash in on the Dual Pack. This will include both games and two codes to unlock 100 Poke Balls each. This will be available November 18 for $79.99.

We’ve been extremely excited to jump back into Pokemon. With the new Alola Region full of new Pokemon and new Alola variants of classic Pokemon. Hopefully the new Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS XL will help us wait those three extra weeks. We are bummed that we won’t be getting the cute Pikachu edition that Japan will be getting. Sometimes Japan makes us so mad.

pokemon sun and moon 3ds

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