Stormblood Trademark Filed by Square Enix Japan

stormblood trademarkStormblood trademark has just been filed by Sqaure Enix Japan. Is this a new series from the publisher or simply a new title in an existing franchise?

The trademark was discovered by Twitter user trademark_bot (translated via NeoGAF). According to their post, the Stormblood trademark was filed less than a month ago on August 30. Because nothing with this title exists in Square Enix’s libary of games, many are speculating that this is something that has not yet been announced. You can check out the translated post below.

stormblood trademark

Keep in mind, there are many instances where a company will file a trademark without ever releasing a game. Even bigger companies like Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo are known to file or renew trademarks that are at risk of being snatched up by other, more eager publishers. It is best to take this Stormblood trademark with a grain of salt.

Still, it is always fun to speculate on what the game might be. Since it it coming from the Japan office, there is a strong chance that this is either a fast-paced action title or a more classic JRPG. Now that we think about it, Stormblood sounds like a pretty epic action game. Sign us up Square Enix.

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