WATCH: Titanfall 2 Gameplay Trailer Shows of the Pilots

This new Titanfall 2 gameplay trailer shows off why Pilots are just as potent on the battlefield as their Titan counterparts. Sometimes to take down something big, you gotta think smaller.

As you can see, Pilots are fast, mobile, and deadly in Titanfall 2’s multiplayer mode. When paired with a Titan, a Pilot becomes a practically unstoppable force. They can grapple, run on walls, and move practically anywhere on a battlefield. This Titanfall 2 gameplay trailer demonstrates this beautifully. Move smart and stay alive.

From what we have seen from Titanfall 2, the gameplay looks even smoother and visually stunning than the first entry. Respawn Entertainment has been hard at work to make the sequel everything that the original title wasn’t. In fact, what we are most excited for is the single-player campaign that was absent in the first game. Even more surprising, is that the campaign is shaping up to be an emotional ride.

If this Titanfall 2 gameplay trailer gets your heart pumping, you’ll be happy to know you won’t have much longer to wait. Titanfall 2 comes to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 28. Will you be joining us on the battlefield? You better really feel like your Pilot and Titan are connected if you have any hopes of beating us.

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