Live with YouTube Gaming is a New Live Show with Geoff Keighley

live with youtube gamingLive with YouTube Gaming is the newest collaboration between Geoff Keighley and YouTube. This weekly live show with feature trailers, developer interviews, and more.

It’s rather hard to be a game journalist and not immediately recognize Geoff Keighley. He is arguably the biggest face and name in the industry and has become more famous as a presenter for numerous gaming events on numerous platforms. After already acting as the official host of YouTube Gaming’s E3 coverage, he is now teaming up for a new weekly live show called Live with YouTube Gaming.

Just like Keighley’s E3 show, Live with YouTube Gaming will feature trailers, gameplay footage, and interviews with the industry’s leading developers. As expected, you can also expect popular YouTubers like Nadeshot, iJustine, MatPat, and iHasCupQuake to make appearances.

With Twitch still acting as YouTube’s biggest competitor, and Beam makings its presence known, Live with YouTube Gaming has a big reason to grow its audience. With the help of the aforementioned YouTubers, this will help raise interest and awareness among their existing viewers.

To catch the premiere, tune in every Thursday at 8pm ET / 5pm PT starting next Thursday, September 29. We know what we’ll be doing next week and we hope to see you all in the comment thread.

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