Tripping Over Our PlayStation VR Cord – The Fish Tank (Ep. 37)

The hype is real.

Garrett picked up the PlayStation VR on launch day, and we haven’t seen him since.

On this week’s episode of The Fish Tank, our webseries in which we talk about what’s happening in games, movies, TV, and other nerdy media, Garrett talks about his experience with PSVR in its first weekend of release.

And, spoiler, he’s pretty stoked about what he’s playing. The experiences that are already available on the PlayStation VR are already impressive, and we’re having a lot of fun with virtual reality — despite how many times we’ve tripped over our VR cords.

A couple of weeks ago, our editor in chief, Bobby Bernstein, wrote an opinion piece about how he believes PlayStation VR Simply Isn’t Worth it Yet, but I’m here to tell you all otherwise. We love the games that are already available, and we can’t wait to try the rest of the upcoming VR games on the horizon.

Did you pick up a PlayStation VR? Let us know your first experiences in the comments below.

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