Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Indicated for Fall 2017 Release

Star Wars Battlefront sequel will supposedly be coming Fall 2017. Maybe we will have it just in time for Star Wars: Episode VIII? We can dream.

star wars battlefront sequelThe announcement was made during EA’s second quarter earning’s call (via Game Informer). During the Q & A section, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen talked a little bit about the Star Wars titles currently in development. In this response, he mentioned that the Star Wars Battlefront sequel would release “a year from now.”

Being generous with the definition of “a year,” we can be pretty sure that the game will release sometime next fall. This is a much more narrow release window than the previously announced 2017. Further evidence of this new timeframe is that the response was to a question about how EA would financially make up for sales from Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 next year. We can imply that a Star Wars Battlefront sequel would release within a similar window.

Some people think it may be too early for a sequel, but it is remember to keep in mind that Battlefront was a very polished game. With just a few more tweaks and game modes, EA could have a great title on their hands. We are definitely looking forward to it.

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