WATCH: Mass Effect Andromeda Reveal Trailer

As predicted, the Mass Effect Andromeda reveal trailer officially released today. If the game will look anything like this, it truly is a happy N7 Day.

From what we know so far, your character must lead the journey to find a new home. However, the Mass Effect Andromeda reveal trailer definitely has a chilling tone. Whatever happens along the way, it isn’t good.

We also get a few glimpses of what looks to be actual gameplay. Mass Effect Andromeda looks to have a much more cinematic feel this time around. There’s more action, more natural movement, and more emotion. Clearly EA has been hard at work to create a new direction for this already great series.

Funny enough, the box art for the upcoming game also “leaked” today. You can check them out below with the Deluxe Edition being shown on the right side.

mass effect andromeda reveal trailer

We don’t consider ourselves graphic design experts, but the covers almost look like they should be swapped. The standard release of Mass Effect looks elegant and thought out. Notice how the dome of his helmet resembles a planet? Genius. Now looking at the Deluxe Edition, is his butt on the front? To us, it’s hard to tell where this guy is facing. His body clearly is looking away, but his head makes for some weird imagery.

If you can stomach the art design, the Deluxe Edition comes with a bunch of goodies. On top of the additional armor sets, you also get the digital soundtrack and a pet Pyjak (Monkey). Backwards butt for a monkey? Seems like a fair price to us.

As stated at the end of the Mass Effect Andromeda reveal trailer, you can pick up said monkey in Spring 2017.

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