Skate 3 Moves to the Xbox One with Backwards Compatibility

Recently a growing number of Xbox 360 games have been made compatible with the Xbox One. This has allowed players to keep all their game saves, add-ons, and achievements from the Xbox 360.

After being initially mentioned almost a full year ago, Skate 3 was finally added to the list of BC titles on X along with Limbo, Scary Girl, Blue Dragon, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3. This puts the number of backward compatible games for the Xbox One well over 200 now. And the company is still taking request for more.

The number of requests to make Skate 3 a game backward compatible was very strong, and fans can only hope that EA has taken notice and have secretly been working on Skate 4. And, it’s quite possible. Over the last month, the ever-growing company has been posting a multitude of jobs listings.

And while it looks like they have a full plate with FIFA and Star Wars projects, still many have not been disclosed. They are looking for interns, project managers, quality analysts, data scientists, animators, marketing directors, communications specialists, concept artists, audio artists, and graphic designers. And they are hiring at most offices. One of those offices has to be decorated with skateboards, right?

Just think of how great a Skate 4 would be now. Since the release of Skate 3 in 2010, EA has started to use the Frostbite engine which was initially created by the DICE team. EA aimed for realism and worked to removed static backgrounds. They pushed for real-world lighting and dynamic weather that would subtly change how characters interacted with their environments.

And they created an engine that produces living worlds, such as those founded in the increasingly more realistic Need for Speed, Battlefield, and FIFA games. Imagine being able to skate across that same level of detail. For many fans, this would be well worth waiting six, seven, eight years for. They would just like to hear “Skate 4 is coming”.

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