Halo Celebrates its 15th Anniversary With a Live Stream and More

Halo celebrates its 15th anniversary tomorrow, November 15th. They also just celebrated the 12th anniversary of Halo 2 on the 9th of this month. To celebrate, 343 Industries will be doing a live stream around 3:43 PST (that’s 6:43 EST). They’ll look back on some of their favorite memories and play Halo 5 with some fans.

602223For those interested, they suggest joining their official Halo club on Xbox Live. The team should be identifiable with their 343 logos next to their Gamertags. They’ll encourage the use of #15yearsofHalo to share memories on social media, and they will have some freebies for those watching. They’ll also be looking at the Halo museum they have in their studio, which is not open to the public. So for fans, this stream will be certainly worth checking out. Viewers will likely see mention of their new blocks by Megablock, and they will certainly talk about their Halo Loot Crate  that includes figures, apparel, and in-game content. Orders for this package must be placed by December 15th at 9 p.m. PST.

Additionally, part of the team just got back from the Xbox FanFest that took place in Mexico City over the weekend where they shared the teaser trailer (below) for the anniversary. And many are getting ready for the Halo Open Circuit in finals in Las Vegas this coming weekend. Then the fall season will wrap up with the EU pro finals on December 3rd and 4th and the NA finals on December 10th and 11th. So viewers will be up-to-date on their E-Sports scene. Also, the studio is getting ready to hold their own staff based tournament focused on team building. And they justed finished a recent maintenance update on Halo 5. However, 343 Industries hopes to hear from more individuals over the next week who enjoy the game casually as they work to make the game community more inclusive.

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