Super Mario Run Coming to the App Store December 15th

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Run, their first mobile game to feature the iconic plumber will be coming to iOS on December 152882488-crxjfo7usaebvs2th.

Mario will continue to jump over obstacles, stomp on goombas, avoid piranha plants, wake on dry bones, and even defeat Bowser. And perhaps players will get to see other iconic enemies like Chain Chomps, Bob-ombs, Bullet Bills, Boos, Thwomps, and some variety of Shy Guys. While the game currently does not interact with Amiibos, this may be something they add in down the road.

The director of the game Takashi Tezuka worked on the original Super Mario Brothers and Hideki Konno the map director also did the maps for the original Super Mario Brothers game. So, the games should have a familiar feel. Mario will get to enjoy lakeside views, explore scary caves, and maneuver around dangerous lava. I it is similar to their other games, other settings might include a farm, a park, the beach, the desert, a turnpike, and a mansion.

In the second mode, players will be able to play against the ghosts of other players. And in the last mode, they will be able to use the coins they collect and create their own Mushroom Kingdom. Though they have not revealed any of this customizable kingdom yet. The team hopes that making this for mobile devices will help them reach a wider audience and may draw more people to their brand and consoles. Nintendo also noted that Super Mario Run will be a free download and all users can try all three modes, but to fully unlock the game, players will need to make a one-time payment of $9.99 (as opposed to having microtransactions). The game will run an allow iOS 8.0 or higher touch devices and it will be available in 151 in 10 different languages.

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