Remedy Entertainment Makes A Trailer For A Trailer

Remedy Entertainment has made “The Greatest Trailer of All Time” or at least what they would like to call that. It’s literally just a trailer where Sam Lake, Remedy Entertainment’s creative director says his name five times with the hope that viewers won’t forget it. They added a random special effects explosion and played a short clip of elevator-like music at the end. Oh, and they announced they will be releasing a new game trailer later which might not have seemed as important as Sam Lake’s name. But, they didn’t say how long people would have to wait for this announcement.photo_2016-04-03_19-42-04

On a brighter note, at least it’s not a live feed slowly revealing a cave painting over the course of 20 hours, resetting after the first 1o hours even though the name was leaked 5 hours into the feed. Sorry to all those who sat through the 20 hours of Ubisoft‘s  Far Cry Primal announcement even after the name was leaked. That was painful. That said unless their game trailer is titled The New Greatest Trailer of All Time, it can’t be better than the one posted this morning. Or could it be? Please, let it be better than the trailer they posted this morning. Please, don’t let it be just the name of their next game said five times, another poorly rendered special effects explosion, and some elevator music, along with the text “Logo coming soon”.

The studio announced Quantum Break with a cinematic trailer at The Game Awards last year. Can fans expect another announcement at this year’s Game Awards, which will take place in 2 weeks on Thursday, December 1st at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles? Only time will tell.

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