Niantic Gives Pokemon Go Players A Reason to be Thankful

Starting the November 23rd through the 30th Niantic will be giving Pokémon Go players double XP and Stardust. While not quite as exciting as their first event, which had candy bonuses and raised encounter rates, it’s still a welcomed treat for many players. Even more, their last update included daily login rewards.crowd

The Halloween event did increase in game activity and spending. And this event while likely be the same. However, the team reminded players that it’s not a game for those who want to stay sedative as it’s meant to promote exploration and exercise. So for those longing to stay indoors and out of the cold, $40 might be best spent on Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon as opposed to in-app purchases of incense. For those dead set on playing the game, the Pokémon GO Plus is still difficult to purchase as each wave has sold out and the price of the device has now reached around $70 on Amazon.

Rumors of the elusive Ditto and shiny Pokémon coming to the game are still floating around. And, there is even talk about the game having a capture event for legendary Pokémon around the holiday season as a gift to fans. Even their initial trailer showed Mewtwo in Times Square, where there are estimated to be around a million people on New Years and there are roughly a billion people who watch the event. There will even be those who go this year simply for the possibility. But in a way, this would break the game. A Pokémon that is known for being elusive and rare would flood gyms and be used as a protector, a place that many Dragonite, Snorlax, and Lapras currently hold.

Additionally, the amount of chaos such an event could cause is hard to fathom. People flocked to Central Park in droves for Vaporeon, and Taipei had a similar event involving a Snorlax. Even unpublicized on the city’s big screens — simply an individual shouting “There’s a Mewtwo” would certainly draw attention, either positively as people cheered for joy or possibly quite negatively if there isn’t a Mewtwo. Similarly, there have been no sightings of Mew or any of the Legendary Birds.

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