Resident Evil 7 Tries to Make A Package For Everyone’s Right Price

Capcom has revield a GameStop exclusive Resident Evil 7: Biohazard‘s Collector’s Edition, for either PS4 or Xbox One, which includes a music box shaped like the Baker mansion. The music box pllays “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” and lights up. It also includes a 4G USB that is shaped like a gruesome finger, in a box shaped like a VHS case, as well as a spooky lithograph of the Baker family, and a creepy letter from one of the family members. The game comes in a metal case. But the whole package comes at the hefty price of $180. A price approaching half of the cost of the PlayStation VR that the game is compatiable with. The game will also be avilable on PC through Steam and the Windows 10 store.
For those who want a little extra at a more reasonable price the Deluxe edition for Resident Evil 7 runs at $90 and includes a survival pack with herbs, a first aid med, a strong first aid med, and lucky coin. Online customers will recieve their codes two days after their order ships but in store customers will recieve them upon pickup. However the base price of the game is around $60 and if preordered comes with four in-game survival kits including, a recovery set, the handgun set, a burner set, and the chem fluid set all of which have items aimed towards keeping players alive. And it also comes with the Madhouse Madness difficulty mode.

PlayStation Plus members can now download the stand alone demo called Beginning Hour. The game hopes to get back to its roots even while making the shift to being in first person. And it will focus on exploration, puzzles, and a realistic atmosphere. Resident Evil 7 is set to launch in America and Europe on Jan. 24th of next year.
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