Blizzard is Working on An Engine for An Unannounced Title

Blizzard is working on another first-person engine, according to a recent job listing for a lead software engineer. Which should come as no surprise after the recent success of Overwatch. But the project is currently unannounced. Though the engine will be used on multiple platforms and will be “action-oriented”. The engineer will need to have leadership skills and a mastery of C#, C++, Windows Presentation Foundation, mathematics (including trigonometry and linear algebra), and excellent communication skills.
Blizzard looks for staff members who “live and breathe games”. And Blizzard also looking to fill positions in art and animation, design, engineering, production, and operations. They are considered one of Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for. And recognizing that their employees are their number one resource. They have locations in the United States, Ireland, France, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Australia. And their teams thrive on collaboration, friendship, and continued education to cultivate talent.

They even have level up rewards for those who have worked there multiple years including steins, swords, shields, rings and helms. They are also looking for individuals who think globally, put gameplay first, commit to quality, and lead responsibly. All of these are written outside on their campuses courtyard around the orc statue.

For those less interested in the unannounced project, they are still looking for artist and engineers to contribute to Overwatch, artists for World of Warcraft, engineers for Hearthstone, engineers for Hero of the Storm, a technical artist for Diablo, and a UI artist for Starcraft II. They also have many internships available and competitive opportunities for recent graduates. Polished resumes, cover letters, and portfolios, ideally with content inspired by Blizzard, are musts for most positions. And education is certainly expected as a sign of a commitment to personal growth.

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