Blizzard Redesigns Symmetra And Is Releasing Oasis Map Soon

Symmetra is undergoing some major changes since the Overwatch Team noticed player feedback that stated she is an extremely effective character but overly situational and mostly used for defense on the first point. And her teleporter was useful at getting teammates back into fights quickly. However, if the team failed players would often switch characters because her ultimate was not needed to reach the second point quickly. Additionally, many Symmetra players felt an initial rush to shield, set up turrets, and set up their ultimate portals, but felt frustrated by refresh times, making the character seem less fun and more stress-inducing.
First, Symmetra will have a choice of ultimates. This includes her original teleporter and its six charges, as well as a shield generator which covers a rather large area. It grants a substantial buff to all teammates and does not require them to be in the device’s line of sight, allowing it to be hidden for protection. Additionally, the health of the teleporter has been increased and a portion of that is shield health that regenerates over time, forcing the enemy team to make a more concerted effort to destroy her devices.

With the new shield generator, they will remove the previous shielding ability and have now replaced it with an ability called Photon Barrier which is similar to Reinhardt’s shield, but it is elliptical in shape and moves along in a trajectory allowing a team to move forward. They have also adjusted her turrets allowing her to place six before having to cool down for ten seconds. This better allows her to move her location with the flow of combat. Her weapon has stayed pretty much the same, but the distance of the beam for the primary fire has been slightly extended.

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These changes will soon be available in the Public Test Region and they are looking for feedback from both experienced Symmetra players and those just trying her out. They hope to see fewer people switching off her on the second point and an improvement of her on control maps. Additionally, Blizzard hopes her win rate will increase to be more even with some of the other characters. This update will be followed soon by the added map Oasis, which was mentioned at Blizzcon. And the map should be available to everyone in early 2017. They also have plans to add a small social feature to the end of each match. When players are viewing the stats, that will let you stay with the group or even part of the group that was just played with.

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