Four Can’t Miss Black Friday Deals on PS4 and Xbox One

For Black Friday this year, both the PS4 (updated to Slim) and Xbox One (updated to S) have some of the best deals available yet – especially when you look online. For example, while most retailers are giving the classic $50 price cut – if you buy online you’ll get the same discount but also extra bonuses.

PS4 Console Sales

Clear example is the PS4 Slim bundle offered up by Newegg’s eBay Store. For the same $249, you’ll receive two excellent free games for your trouble: Rise of Tomb Raider and Uncharted Collection.

A similar story is also the case for the Xbox One S. There’s a 1TB Gears of War Xbox One S bundle for the same $299 – but you’ll receive a free copy of Skyrim Special Edition plus Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Score?

Check out our list below for the FOUR can’t miss deals for each respective platform. Which… we suppose that means there’s eight deals ;)

Xbox One S Black Friday Bundles

PS4 Black Friday Bundles

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