Miramagia Browser Fantasy Game

Miramagia gameIt’s not every day we come across a browser game that’s worth our time. Sure, there have been a few that have stolen hours away before, but none like Miramagia, the browser fantasy game from Travian Games (Imperion, Travian).

Think Farmville, but with a fantasy twist. There’s magic aplenty in this free fantasy game, and if you’d rather play as a Mage, Shaman or Druidess than a lowly farm boy, you’ll want to fire up your browser and give it a go. In the game, you’re tasked with creating your own magical farm filled with fantastic plants and bizarre creatures. You’re guided along the way by The Djinn, a little genie that gives you tips about how to proceed in the World of Miramagia. You’re also given quests containing tasks that will net you rewards (gold, mana, rubies, and/or XP) once completed.

Each village is filled with NPCs to grab these quests from, and there are also other players in the world to interact with. In fact, you can give and receive gifts, compete in quests against each other, and there’s a chat at the bottom of the browser while you’re playing so that you can make some new online friends while you’re harvesting away at those carrots.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a fantasy game if you weren’t able to have a pet dragon, build it a lair, and watch it grow. What’s more, you’ll use your dragon for competitive races which offer great rewards. You’re also able to prank other players in-game with magical spells. So even if you’re not a farming simulation enthusiast, there’s still great fantasy elements in the game to enjoy.

The game has three membership levels, regular, silver, and gold. The gold membership will allow you to do crazy things like harvest your entire field in just one click, and although it isn’t necessary, it’s definitely a good idea. You can like the browser game Miramagia here.

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