First PS2 Games Coming to PS4 Tomorrow

ps2 games on ps4Sony has announced the first round of backwards compatible PS2 games coming to PS4, noting that these games will be available on the PlayStation Store tomorrow.

Most notably, the list of PS2 games will include eight fan favorites, including The Mark of Kri ($14.99)Dark Cloud ($14.99)Twisted Metal: Black ($9.99), and War of the Monsters ($9.99). The other titles include Grand Theft Auto IIIVice CitySan Andreas, and Rogue Galaxy (all for $14.99 each).

Each game will include trophy support, and they’ll use “up-rendered 1080p” visuals. The PS2 games will also support key PS4 features, including Remote Play, Live Broadcast, Share Play and Activity Feeds.

This news comes just a day ahead of Sony’s big PlayStation Experience, which will air tomorrow starting at 1PM ET. Hopefully, Sony will announce some of our favorite underrated PS2 games, as we see a couple more titles in the trailer, such as PaRappa the Rapper 2 (which Sony notes will be “coming soon”).

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